Dread Styles

Having dreads doesn’t doom you to a lifetime of center-parted hippie hair. There are tons of awesome online resources for learning what to do with your dreads once you’ve got them! From playful pigtails to sophisticated wedding-worthy updos to tidy and professional, browse around our favourite tutorial websites to get some ideas flowing!

Doctored Locks

Doctored Locks is an online hair supply retailer with a great video library and Tutorial page. Their YouTube channel is definitley browse-worthy for simple style how-tos, and their DIY section is super fun, too!

Our Favourite: French Twist

Knotty Boy

Knotty Boy is an all natural dreadlock product company with a huge, info-rich website. There are two main pages for styling info: the ‘Tutorials’ page has simple step-by-step instructions with photos for a variety of techniques, and the ‘Dreadlock Styles’ page has a gallery of user submitted photos and how-to’s.

Our Favourite: How To Curl Dreadlocks


Chescalocs is a YouTube channel dedicated to dread styles! Her more sophisticated updos might require a bit of practice, but the results will be worth it. She even has playlists divided up into short/medium/long lengths so you can save yourself some scrolling.

Our Favourite: Flat Twist FauxHawk

Have a favourite dread style tutorial? Send us a link so we can share!

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  1. Jasmin says:

    Hi, I have had Sisterlocks for 7 1/2 years and I couldn’t be hiaeppr! I had my consultant teach me how to tighten my locs about 2 years in, after they were completely mature. I used the original SL tool but it was tiny and I lost it way too many times to count. GRRR! It had a funny hook sliding-thingy that I just never got the hang of. I discovered the Nappyloc tool and now only go to my consultant yearly, just to make sure everything still looks OK with no weak spots or other problems. The Nappyloc tool is far superior than the original SL tool and I intend to keep it my “go-to” for retightening. Don’t be afraid to take on retightening your own hair. Once you get going and get smoother, the time just flies. When I first started it took me a week! 375 locs now takes me close to an evening if I can keep the distractions down. My consultant told me it helps in the beginning to close your eyes. It helped visualize the locking pattern, until your fingers “memorize” it. Good luck and loc on!!

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